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Matthew Camfield

Founder of Matchbox Creative - Matthew comes from a solid 18 years in the design industry spanning across web, digital, print, computer games & anything else in between.
When digital design held no more secrets, he turned set designer, screenwriter / director & has to date worked on & produced 13 short films as well as writing & art directing adverts across a wide range of media.


Peter Svatik

Peter came on board in 2021, working alongside Matt as Creative Director, Peter's passion for storytelling is shown through his acting and producing career where he wants to tell stories that are gripping and topical.

Together we have successfully self funded and produced several proof of concept shorts, with many more in the pipeline to come!


Chris Moore

Chris is part of the movie making & post producton team, working mainly on Filming & Motion Graphics.

Having held down most motion graphics jobs in the industry, Chris turned his skills to filmaking, we produced our first short in 2018, from there we have worked on many projects, personal & professional.


Alessio Paratore

Alessio works with us as one of our DoP's, Editors & Directors. Born into a family of artists, engineers & tourism professionals, travelling & photography has always been an integral part of his life.

Since 2010 Alessio has worked with a wide range of clients from local creative businesses to global companies.

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