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Dedicated to providing you with the best in film & production services!


Who Are We?

Matchbox Creative was founded in 2017 by Matthew Camfield, he set out on a mission to bring creatives together to create beautiful pieces of work.Over the years Matthew has worked with many high & lower profile clients & students to create videos, adverts, websites and any other digital marketing collateral, always striving to create the best work he can. After a while he turned to film writing & directing & has since been on a mission to make some amazing short films to both entertain & question the world we live in.

My latest and best short film to date (if I say so myself), I saved enough money to do a proper production, invested my blood, sweat and tears into this project and am proud of the entire team for the final delivery!

What We Do

Aside from offering a full design & Art Direction service we create videos and short films. Our massively talented group is called upon to fulfil whatever is required of us.We offer Web & Digital design services as well as Marketing Collateral, Video Advertisements, Film & Production.


We also have access to the tools of the trade for Set Design & Build as well as anything film related in between.

Film Clapboard
Behind the Scenes

Where We're From

Matchbox Creative was founded by a creative, for creatives. It started as a dream to build a winning team of freelancers to produce amazing content together, bringing the creative community together.


With our award winning short films and crew - we now work with Co-Operatives, companies, freelancers & agencies to fulfill all of their production needs, we are constantly striving to work on bigger, better and most importantly fun projects!

It's Not ALL Business

Between a talented crew of camera operators, sound recordists / designers, illustrators, directors & producers, we actively & almost obsessively take part in as many film contests & challenges as we can, keeping our skills sharp.


Since 2018, Matchbox Creative has made & worked on over 15 original short films & assisted on many others within our capacities as creatives, with bold dreams of creating feature length & larger budget movie productions.

Film Student
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