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A brief snapshot of all the hard work that goes into our film services.


The Last Garden

A self funded - dystopian, environmental, sci-fi romantic, thriller, set at a time when the earth is all but uninhabitable and the remaining survivors are forced underground into nuclear bunkers re-purposed as hydroponic farms.

My latest and best short film to date (if I say so myself), I saved enough money to do a proper production, invested my blood, sweat and tears into this project and am proud of the entire team for the final delivery!

Enter The Agency

Enter the Agency is my personal comedy web series, experimenting with different characters, all of whom suck at their jobs. I am building this up creating skits and shorts in order to introduce the characters into a longer form Comedy piece.

I am the sole producer, writer and production designer for all of these shorts occasionally sharing the directing when I have a lot to pull together.


Mars Falling

A surreal Sci-Fi Horror/Thriller, a young women finds solace in her art and upon meeting a surreal entity, she is encouraged to leave an abusive relationship.

I was tasked with the entire production design and the construction of the space suit as well as the smaller props. This shoot involved a lot of sand in a very expensive apartment - it was a fun if not terrifying challenge.


A Short sci-fi film based on a time machine that allows you to re-visit previous memories as a method of therapy.

For this short I was tasked with building the main prop as well as the smaller items throughout the film, as the time machine took so much time I was un-able to work on the production design side as well.



Based on the writer/directors trauma of working in an abusive retail sector, Treadmill was an interesting challenge given the low budget, vision for the set and the location available.

Throughout this process I built and shopfitted a small studio space to look and function as a retail space in 1 day.


Trapped is currently making its way through the festival circuit and was a very fun set to create, mostly because for a student production I was allowed quite a generous budget which really elevated the design and build.

All pieces were constructed on set and dressed within a 3 day window, overall I am very pleased with how this set looked on camera.



Working with the talented Niall McKeever we were tasked with creating a nuclear underground complex on a particularly tight budget for National Geographics Dan Clifton.

The focus on this set was the actions, dials and little details that the character had to interact with.


This fun almost zero budget short was shot in 1 night, in a dark forest with very minimal kit and crew, the overall look of the film came out pretty well despite this.

My role here was mainly on the production, co-direction, art and production design for this short basically bringing everyone together to make this film.


The Girl From Beyond

Another Short film shot in 1 day and edited / post produced in the second, this was created for the Lacie Collective short horror challenge.

I quite enjoyed playing with a really basic concept and making it as creepy as possible.

Love in the Time of Corona

Featured on comedy UK, co-directed and produced with Rebel Act productions, we shot this silly short the day before a lockdown in the UK was announced.

We played with the idea of what dating might be like if social distancing and other restrictions of COVID became permanent with a hilarious outcome.



An interesting surreal play on a fashion shoot for a sustainable brand by C-Ritter, whose outfits have been worn by major celebrities including Rita Ora.

The video focusses on fashion for trans models with the sustainable edge heavily influencing this video and his work.

Other Projects

Alongside film making I mostly dabble in carpentry projects, construction, furniture build and design as well as cosplay and armouring.

My main skills are in metal, fiberglass & wood with a love for everything sci-fi.

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