Hey there,

I'm Matt!

An Art Director, Illustrator, Print & Digital Designer, Film maker, Prop & Set Designer, Writer & Fine Artist...

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At the age of 16 I started my design career, fitting it around my education at the time.

The 3rd edge taught me all of the skills to survive in the design industry including the software, layout concepts & general theory - I learnt a lot more here than most of my friends at university, so I continued my career in design from this.

The 3rd Edge


After 3 years working at The 3rd Edge, I moved on, working as a 3D & Concept artist, UX & UI Designer and anything they needed in between.

Throughout this role I managed a small team of junior artists who were based in Moldova. Unfortunately the company ran into money troubles and I was made redundant a couple of years later.

Historical Engineering


Off the back of redundancy I took a break between jobs to start freelancing & give myself a broader view of the design career, this took me down a path of HTML, Flash & actionscript Development & Design working for clients such as ANA airlines, YoYo Tech & a few smaller businesses in the Fintech industry.

2nd Studios


Once I had a little more experience of how the world worked I was offered a position at Tag Worldwide, a digital production agency, where from my coleagues I learnt video editing & some basic VFX, all the while producing banners and managing the client CMS.

Tag Worldwide


Starting off here as a mid-weight designer I came on to manage all of the companies creative output - from print and digital out of home adverts to onsite & digital marketing collateral including Emails & social imagery / layout.

As well as this I was heavily involved in the branding, UX & UI of the website, creating pages to spec & code through their Magento CMS.

Vision Direct


Post Vision direct, I went out with an idea of starting my own business. I created and built an online ecommerce store to sell my artworks, I haven't had a lot of time to put into it however a lot of the start-up was admin, registering ltd companies & what not.


I have since merged this with my Matchbox Creative venture, see my shop if you're interested.

Matchbox Arts


After which I started another permanent position at The Bottle Club, I was taken on to initially manage their ecommerce venture's back end system as well as create design collateral.

This role evolved into a re-platform from Magento to Shopify and 2 re-designs & a re-brand of their entire outfit, whilst plugging out the digital and video content as well.

The Bottle Club


Continually Moving on I founded Matchbox Creative officially in the middle of 2019, setting up as a limited company. Through this process I have found a passion for filmmaking, screenwriting & directing to bring beautiful projects to life - as well as participating in as many film contests & festivals as I can.

Matchbox Creative


If you're still with me - Thanks for reading.

If you would like to get in touch please feel free on the below & stay tuned!